SLANDER TONGUE : "Monochrome" (LP - Alien Snatch Rds - 2023)

(Berlin, Germany) - Garage rock

Automatic Axel (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Klaus (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Chico M. (Bass, Vocals), Johnboyadonis (Drums), Eblo (Piano)

23 February 2023

In 2017 four road tested rockers from the back alleys of Berlin slithered from their barstools at the infamous rock & roll refuge, Wowsville Bar. They picked up their electrified weapons of destruction and formed what was to become the rock & roll wrecking machine known as Slander Tongue. The seasoned foursome dug up the decaying bones of early 70s rock & roll and boot stompin’ glam. Instead of merely regurgitating worn out Rolling Stones and Mott The Hoople riffs they brazenly revitalized them with the sleazy swagger of Johnny Thunders, the sonic assault of Fred Smith, and the bona fide rock & roll groove of Roy Loney era Flamin’ Groovies. They jumped out of the gate with a pair of rattle rocking singles in 2018; “Server Room b/w This Time” (Bachelor Records) and “Goin’ Down b/w Back Off” (Wild Wax). Both were mastered at the hands of Crypt’s kingpin, Tim Warren, and unequivocally kicked ass, leaving no doubt that real rock and roll still has a glimmer of hope. The 2020 self titled full length on Slovenly Records hit like a ton of bricks! Undeterred by the constraints at the hands of Covid they emerged from isolation with the big balls stomp of the 2021 single, “Ride b/w Lockdown” on Slovenly. They continue to sling their brand of steamy rock & roll havoc on the willing few and have kicked off 2023 with their newest album, “Monochrome” available on garage punk juggernaut, Alien Snatch Records.


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luxivyig1 a dit…
Great band. Also check out The Bikes, their previous band.
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