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Sometime in 1986 four stone age teens from Youngstown, Ohio migrated towards the wild sounds that were emanating from the west coast. Upon their arrival they joined with other shaggy clans like The Gravedigger V, The Untold Fables and The Morlocks to worship at the fuzzy altar of the garage gods.

They quickly adapted to their new environment and began to communicate with the local inhabitants by combining primal beats and simple grunts. Musical shaman Brett Gurewitz and tribal guru Greg Shaw coaxed them from the depraved depths of their favorite teenage gathering place, The Cavern Club, with hoppy drink and the promise of curvy females to mate with in order to document their primordial utterings.

The crude recordings, etched into slabs of thin black plastic were referred to as the “We Are The Primates” album. This was distributed amongst the younger members of the region. Over time the juveniles evolved and the primitive urges that the rumblings in the rough hewn grooves evoked within them calmed. As they developed a more refined ear for the synthetic sounds that were being played as far away as England they cast aside their worn out copies of the album upon a pile of cultural refuse. “We Are The Primates” was hence left to be discovered by the restless youth of future generations.


 Born Outta Time