Following on from his article on the harmonica, Walter Daniels tells us about the creation of his latest EP with Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks.

Walter Daniels' current group is Walter Daniels & the Del Valle Trustees. You'll be able to hear them very soon on Les Monstres Sacrés.

Thanks again Walter!

The pictures were taken last February when I went to Memphis and recorded with Jack Oblivian and the Sheiks.
I didn't take a bunch of pics.

The bunker is a cool little studio in Memphis (that Jack and Keith Cooper use), reel to reel along with some of the modern bits, as well.
I got together with them on a saturday afternoon for around three hours or so. I had sent them the tunes earlier and they are great players. Graham, the drummer, had a gig, so we had to finish before he left. We knocked out "Seventh Son" and the Stones's "Rice Krispies jingle" quickly. 

Jack Oblivian

The Mel Torme cover, "I'm Comin' Home, Baby" was pretty hard. It is a duet between the lead vocal and the background singers - which we didn't have any background singers - they were added after the track had been recorded. 
 Jack's band (Graham, Frank, Keith) are super talented - quick studies of songs. Seth Moody was unable to be at the session but added his keyboards and baritone sax later on. 
Jack Oblivian

I'm proud that all the songs are short, none of the songs are over 3 minutes!!! 
I played chromatic harmonica on "Read Way Back", which was a lot of fun. Chromatic has the slide (like the black keys on the piano), so you could play in any key. Mostly I play diatonic harmoinca, the meat and gravy!!! 
So grateful to have Jack and Keith mix these tunes, they did a great job. I've always wanted to have Jack mix songs for me - so really a blast. 
"Seventh Son" is done in the style of Poison 13, a blues punk group from Austin from the 80's, one of my favorite bands of ALL time!!! 
I sang thru the green bullet (my harp microphone) on "Seventh Son", like I did with Jack O'Fire.

Walter Daniels

Walter Daniels & Jack Oblivian