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The PRIMEVALS released their new album earlier last year. You can expect to see them back on stage this year. In the meantime, they've treated us to new, previously unreleased tracks!
Thank you, the Primevals !

Some notes from Michael Rooney :

> She Set Me free is a Charlie Feathers cover. we played it when i had The Fatalistics it was recorded in 1994 at Glasgow Green. We used to play this a lot around then. This line up had Richard Mazda on keys and a female sax player which i can't remember.

> You Burn Me Up is a We The People tune which i love. We played real well and would throw it in the set regularly.

> Birddoggin' is a Gene Vincent song from mis 60's, we played this last week for fun. It was benefit for suicde prevention in a bowling club. It was a wonderful gig and we raised a lot of cash £1200

> Ghost On The Highway: We have participated in several Gun Club tributes and we had a 45 released several years ago as an extra from the JLP sessions. We opened for them in Glasgow in 1984. I met JLP several times over the years. What a force an amazing talent,

> You've Never Had It Better- by The Electric Prunes- love this tune, we seem to keep rehearsing this one and never get round to doing it live.

> I Can't Find My Mind- Cramps cover- we played with The Cramps on the Date With Elvis tour in 86 all over Europe. We also particiapted in an annual Lux Lives event. Our version is rehearsing for one ofthose shows.

> Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White- This Standels song has been done a million times, but is always good play.

> I Happen to Love You Baby- an Electric Prunes song- a Goffin/King song originally offered to The Monkees who did not want it. This is a live recorded from 2010

Hope this is ok folks,

i am sure i could do another volume 2 at some point.