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Taste question: Which artists have influenced you the most, and what can you tell us examples about this influence? Who is the artist you dislike and why will he/she never influence you?

Musically, there are many influences. I can't name them exactly. I like early rock and roll, blues and punk rock. On the other hand, I like stoner rock, ska and soul. If you ask me about my favorite bands, I would say The Cramps, The B-52's, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Southern Culture on the Skids, Los Straightjackets and Queens Of The Stoneage.

Who will never influence me musically: Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and all that shit. I hate classical music.

Intellectual question: Which 'non-musical artist played an important role in the way the band evolved...

I usually get inspiration from music and other personal interests like football, beer and cars. Sometimes I also get inspiration from TV, internet or magazines. Sometimes friends also say, write a song about this or that.

History question: Can you sum up the life of your band?

I've always wanted to do a one man band since the 1990s because I was fascinated by musicians like Hasil Adkins and Bob Log III. Then 15 years ago I bought a few drum parts on eBay, built myself a foot drum kit so I could play guitar and drums and sing at the same time, wrote simple rock'n'roll songs, and suddenly I had a record deal and left in my car I traveled gig to gig and did over 70 gigs a year. After a while it got a bit too lonely for me, then I founded the Horst With No Name Orchestra and from then on toured as a duo with a drummer. I've been a solo artist again for two years, but I mostly play with Flash Ostrock on the drums, but I also do solo shows again as a one man band. It goes on and on. I still have a lot of song ideas and still enjoy performing.

Champollion question: What is the meaning of the band's name?

The question is almost a bit too intellectual for me. When I started the band, I asked my circle of friends what band name I should have as Horst. I then received several suggestions. Among other things, the band name “Horst With No Name”. I sent the best three name suggestions to a group of friends by email. I then let my friends vote. My manager's suggestion, Horst With No Name, was very well received and I've been Horst With No Name ever since.

Buddy question: Who has helped you most in your band's adventure and without whom you wouldn't have had the same evolution?

My friend and manager Andy helped me the most. Andy was formerly an international music manager in the music industry. He knows how things should work and how to build an artist properly. Otherwise, my guitar maker also has a big influence because various experiments with pickups, effects and amps led me to the guitar sound that I play now.

Spinal Tap question: What's the most stupid thing that's ever happened to you?

Oh, there were different ones. For example, when I had a small tour with three gigs and my tour manager managed to lock us out at three different hotels at night. It's also always funny to calculate the fee when you try to calculate the kilometers based on the gasoline used and there are also different expenses such as parking fees or something like that. Mathematics at the limit.

Question Happy Few: What's the biggest benefit you've derived from your band, and can you tell us about it?

I used to sing with my bands exclusively in German. I designed Horst With No Name 15 years ago explicitly for an international target group. Since I started singing in English, I've expanded my radius pretty quickly to Europe. These were suddenly completely new and very positive experiences for me, performing in other countries.

Art question: What book, film, record and current band made you flash?

Book: „Fuel-Injected Dreams“ and „Boy Wonder“, both by James Robert Baker

Movie: Any movie with Bill Murray

Record: There are a lot of albums that flash me. My current favorite record is “The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons” by The Hives

Current band: I just noticed that The Black Keys are releasing another new album. The band has an incredibly high workload and produces very little crap.

Funny question. What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?

Sometimes, for some inexplicable reason, I get myself into strange situations that I don't find so funny at the time, but then laugh about later!

Okay, let me give you an example: I once hosted a fashion show at an ice rink during the break of an ice hockey game. I’m wearing hip hop clothes and had no idea about the clothing, brands or the materials. Then I just spontaneously thought of materials and clothing names. I didn't prepare because I wasn't interested. The ice hockey hooligans booed me and because the models skated on the ice, the ice had to be redone after the fashion show. The whole stadium hated me. I thought it was funny!

Camembert question: What's France to you, apart from the land of wine and cheese? 

I have very fond memories of vacations and performances in France. A fantastic audience, very friendly people. Ten or twelve years ago I played at the Bethune Retro Festival for three days. That was great! Except for a bar fight during my performance, which was quickly broken up. Before my first trip to France, various Germans told me: the French don't speak English. That is absolutely not true! So far I've gotten along very well with English in France. For your information: I don't speak French and don't drink wine. I'm more of a beer guy. And there is delicious beer in France. By the way, I can order this in French!

Question Monstres Sacrés : Who is a sacred monster for you ?

I think Grobi (he's called Grover in the English version) from Sesame Street is a sacred monster for me.

Thank you Horst
(January 2024)