C'est à travers le FAN CLUB consacré à TV SMITH et aux ADVERTS que nous avons eu la chance d'entrer en contact avec Dave Thompson. Ce journaliste a collaboré à MOJO, GOLDMINE, Q, ROLLING STONE, MELODY MAKER et beaucoup d'autres magasines. Il a également publié énormément de livres consacrés à beaucoup d'artistes que nous adorons (voir la bibliographie après l'interview). Merci à Tim de nous avoir mis en contact avec Dave et merci à Dave pour le temps qu'il nous a accordé.

Let's start at the beginning, you were born in the 60's, so you were surely rocked by the wonderful music of all those English bands of the time. What are your memories of it ? Can you tell us about your discovery of the world of childhood through your musical memories?

Music was always on in the house, either the radio… I grew up on pirate radio and BBC radio comedies; or my mother playing records (Merseybeat, Cliff Richard, etc), One of my earliest memories… I’d have been three, going on four at the time… was singing “She Loves You” in a Doctor Who/Daleks voice until my mother couldn’t take it any longer. And it just went from there; there was never a time when I wasn’t listening to music.

Did you already know at that time that you were going to devote yourself to writing? What brought you to it?

I was probably 12 or 13 when I discovered the British music press, and that was immediately what I wanted to do for a living… initially so I’d get to hear (and review) David Bowie albums before my schoolfriends. As it turned out, it would be almost 20 years before I reviewed my first Bowie album, and it was Tin Machine Live. Be careful what you wish for!

When you were a teenager, what did you read at the time and what musical events shaped your tastes?

I’ve always loved Victorian and early 20th century literature, so that’s what I’d curl up with. Musically, glam rock was my big thing, but with a few tangents… Genesis (with Gabriel), Hawkwind, a few proggy things. Loved Bowie, Bolan, Mott, 10cc, but that whole period 1972-75 probably had some kind of impact.

Did a particular article make you want to write about music?

Nik Cohn’s Awopbopaloonbop book. It was the first music book I ever read, at a time when I didn’t know such a thing was even possible.

Why write about music and not playing music? Do you believe in the myth of the unsuccessful musician who then criticizes the works of others?

Not at all. I never had any interest in playing an instrument, and definitely none in appearing in public.

Which classical writers do you think have influenced your writing style? Which music writers have done so as well?

Classical writers… hard to say. I read a lot of Orwell and Dickens, so there may have been some seepage. Auberon Waugh (son of Evelyn) was a long-time hero for his journalism. Music writers - Mick Farren and Charles Shaar Murray were (and remain) my favourites.

How did you get into the small world of the music press? You have, I believe, created a fanzine ?

I ran TV Smith’s fan club for a few years in the early 1980s, and did a fanzine for every London gig, which then went monthly once they started playing out of town. That introduced me to a few “real” writers, but it also gave me the confidence to offer things to different magazines, and I took it from there. My first published/paid work was for Record Collector magazine, in 1983.

Tell us what was the punk revolution for you, what are your greatest memories ? Are you still in contact with some of its actors ?

Punk was fun. Somehow, probably from going to gigs all the time, I got to know various people who would become a part of it - I actually wrote a memoir of sorts about the 1976-77 period, called “London’s Burning,” it came out back in the 2000s, and I was surprised how many of the people I consider friends today, I first met during that period.

You wrote a lot about music dinosaurs but also about the punks who were fighting against them. What is your position on this? Were you also a music extremist who would have calmed down ? (We were all young!)

I was never a music extremist - I’d go see the Adverts one night, Hawkwind the next, and the something weird at the ICA the next. I must admit a lot of the older artists I once liked did start to let me down music-wise during 1977-78 Genesis, ELP and 10cc in particular… but I don’t think that was punk’s fault. It was because their latest albums were crap.

Could you specify for each decade you lived, 5 artists that you consider to be the ones that allowed you to survive musically in the face of the boredom that many others were bringing? Is there a decade that particularly bored you?

60s… trying to remember what I liked that young - I only ever heard the hit singles. Cliff, the Stones, Arthur Brown, Julie Driscoll, and probably the Beatles.

70s - from the first half - Bolan, Bowie, 10cc, Hawkwind, Genesis. From the second half - The Adverts, the Slits, Doctors of Madness, Rikki & The Last Days of Earth, Heavy Metal Kids.

80s — TV Smith/Explorers, Len Bright Combo, Kiss That, Ian Mitchell Band/La Rox, Lords of the New Church. The late 80s/early 90s… I honestly can’t think of much.

90s - Suede, Pulp, David Devant & His Spirit Wife, Sleeper, Catatonia

2000s - Owl Service, the National, Polyphonic Spree, Jem, t.a.T.u

2010s - Chemistry Set, Soft Hearted Scientists, Mordecai Smyth Tess Parks, Hare and the Moon

2020s - Goat Girl, Audiobooks, Rowan Amber Mill, Charming Disaster, The Courettes

Can you describe your writing style ? Do you spend a lot of time researching? What are your sources?

I like those writers where reading them feels like you’re sitting around together and the author is just ranting and rambling about whatever the subject might be … lots of bad puns, good jokes, detours and meaningless asides, but all nailed to firm fact and lots of detail. I kind of hope that’s how my style comes across.

Are you a fan of written manuscripts or do you prefer the keyboard?

I’ve been using a keyboard for so long I can’t even imagine trying to use a typewriter again….

Are you as enthusiastic about current music as you are about older music? Do you have moments of lassitude, the desire to stop writing? And if so, what reignites your flame?

I usually find something that interests me - the 2000s weren’t so inspiring for a while, but then I found the wyrd folk movement, the Fruits de Mer label, and a lot of bands floating around those poles. And that woke me up again.

Do you think that little teenage Dave would be proud of the work you have produced? If he had found himself in front of a display of all your books. Which ones would he buy and which ones wouldn’t?

I think he’d be thrilled! As for what he’d buy… anything about glam and punk. A few others for “old time’s sake.” The ones he woudn’t buy… yeah, well there’s a few that even I wouldn’t buy.

What is the difference for you between a commissioned work and one that you really wanted to write? What are the books you really wanted to write on your own and that you fought for?

None, really. My wife’s big joke is that when I’m between “commissioned” books, I’ll write one for fun, and some of my favourties of all my titles are the ones I’ve self-published for the hell of it - the Hawkwind encyclopaedia, a book about ex-league English football clubs. In fact, my next one out, about the Child Ballads (An Evolving Tradition) is one that I was fully intending to publish myself, but I happened to mention it to a publisher friend and he said he’d do it.

A lot of people don't appreciate books like "the 100 albums you must listen to before you're gone". What do you think about this kind of literature, is it interesting to write?

I enjoy then, especially when I disagree with almost every inclusion. I’ve really only done two, “Candy Striped Cauliflower Capers,” which will be out next month I think, and is a kind of “recommended listening” guide to wyrd folk and modern psychedelia; and “1000 Songs That Rock Your World,” which was fun because I was convinced nobody would agree with most of my picks. In fact, I received a lot of mail from people who actually agreed - my number one, incidentally, was “Bus Stop” by the Hollies.

What did you like in the gothic rock wave of the 80s ? Did you meet many of its members and how did you discover this music?

It was just a great time, with some excellent bands, and really nice people. I’m not sure whether I actually “discovered” the music, though; it was a gradual process - I loved the Banshees and the Cure from very early on, and slowly it seemed like there were more bands around with similar ideas/influences. I was a huge Bauhaus fan from the very first time I saw them, long before the first album - but I also loved the Psychedelic Furs and would have put them in the same kind of area, at least at first. So I was never strictly goth - it was just around at the kind of gigs I was going to, and to be honest, I kind of lost interest once it started to get really regimented.

During the last two decades more and more important musicians left us. So much so that magazines now have an Obituary section. Have you often been asked to write this kind of text ? Do you think that rock music is now just interesting for an older audience?

I don’t like writing obituaries, and turn down far more than I write - I wrote a book about 25 years ago called “Better to Burn Out” (NOT my choice of title) where I remembered various friends and heroes who passed away too young. That was as far as I wanted to go down that road… the obits I’ve written since then have tended to be for people I knew, or because I feel I have something to say about them.

As for who is interested in rock music - young audiences are largely interested in young performers, older ones in older ones. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rock, pop, or whatever; that’s how it’s always been, and how it should stay.

What has been the happiest moment in your writing life?

That’s a hard one. Every time I finish a book, probably!

Which artist did you meet that made the biggest impact on you and why?

When I was younger, I was always interested in the people “behind” the stars… I loved the Stones, but Andrew Loog Oldham fascinated me. Ditto Bowie and Tony DeFries; ditto T Rex and Tony Secunda. Meeting them, talking about what made them tick… that’s probably the answer. Secunda was actually my agent for a few years, until he passed away.

Did an interview change your way of life?

No, but one changed my way of working. The first time I ever interviewed TV Smith for the fan club fanzine, I had my list of questions and he suddenly looked at me and said ‘you’re not listening to my answers; you’re just planning your next question.” And he was right. Since that time, I have never had a list of questions.

Faced with your large production of books, do you have time to be passionate about other subjects? If so, which ones are important to you?

Gosh…I think because music has always been a major part of my life, I so when I’m not writing, or listening to music for a particular project, it’s nevertheless a part of what I’m doing - whether rearranging my CDs and LPs, reading… the important thing, though, is my tastes go far beyond what I write about. For example, I collect Ziegfeld Follies sheet music listen to the bluegrass channel on Sirius; scour used record stores for old Red Sovine and Elvis albums.

At the same time, though, I’ve also written extensively about football, various other hobbies (coin collecting, stamp collecting), film, television - I even wrote a history of porn films. So it’s not only music.

Let's talk about France, what has marked you about this country? Do you know the history of its culture? Are you in contact with musical authors from this country?

I don’t actually know any French people at all! I spent some time in Paris in 1983, and enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, the friend I was staying with was English, but her friends only spoke French. And I didn’t. I listened to a lot of radio while I was there, though; bought a few records, too.

I’m trying to think of what’s on my iPod at the moment… Noir Desir were a favourite for a while; Duel, too. Early Coralie Clemente, odd albums by LaFille and Brigitte…. I know very little about any of them, but they’re great records.

You have written books about or with members of the New York Dolls, MC5. Can you tell us about their creation? Do you have particular memories of their writing?

Nothing interesting, I’m afraid. Michael Davis I was put in touch with by his record label; Sylvain Sylvain, his agent called me… then that led me to Walter Lure, although I’d known him loosely back in his Heartbreakers days. Sylvain was one of the funniest and most interesting people I’ve ever met. And Walter - I think we bonded over a shared love of Victorian English literature!

You must have seen a lot of concerts, what were the best ones for you and why?

I’d say look at the list of my favourite performers from the 70s and 80s, and those are probably my favourite shows. My first ever gig was Bowie in 1973, so that’s definitely up there. 10cc on the “Original Soundtrack” tour is another. But really, I could go on all day about any of the bands on those earlier lists.

Is there a book that you didn't manage to finish because of the difficulties you encountered? What is it that makes you refuse to write a new book?

There’s a few I wish I hadn’t finished, but they shall remain nameless. As for refusing - there was a time I’d say yes to everything. Now, I tend only to do ones I’m genuinely interested in.

Have you ever been tempted to write under a pseudonym in order to see if your name sold better than what you write?

Ha! I have written under pseudonyms, but usually because I don’t want people to know it was me. And no, I’m not going to tell you what I wrote….

What are your next projects?

My book is about the Child Ballads, it’s called “The Evolving Tradition,” and that’s out in July. After that. I’m sure there’ll be something…

Thank you Dave

It was fun! Thank you….

(interview - may 2023)


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