C'est une semaine particulière puisque le 9 octobre sortait le single des Smoggers, en même temps que celui des Maharajas, sur Rogue Records. Nous avons donc profité de l'occasion pour poser quelques questions à Fernando Jiménez, frontman des Smoggers, qui nous a aimablement répondu. 

Why did you choose Rogue Records for your latest release?

I chose Rogue Records for a new single because I like his catalogue. I like bands like The Mourning After or Maharajas. Also the classic artwork of the releases of Rogue Records is really amazing for me.

You're also a Chaputa Rds band, what's the difference of work between both labels ?

I think there isn't anything different for the moment. I like to work with honest and serious labels and they both are.

How did the deal for the 7" release go with Rogue Records?

We formed the band 16 years ago and I think all the labels of the scene knows about The Smoggers. We have worked with a lot of labels  in Spain, Europe and USA. In fact, We have got 19 releases. So, I think is easy to contact with the labels that We like, to edit something else.

Were the tracks on the single specially produced for this  label? Or did they already exist?

Really, they existed. We recorded both songs at the same recording sessions of the  "Funeral" LP.(2021)

Did you have a say in the choice of cover art?

I sent few pics and the label decided the pic for the artwork. I usually like the labels feels free to do the best for the release.

Why choose a French label?

I like Rogue Records but certainly I have cool great memories of our show in Cosmic Trip Festival. We only have played in France twice. The fisrt time in Bordeaux and La Rochelle, and the second time at Cosmic Trip Fest in 2018. Really looking forward to going back!

To date, Rogue Records has never released two albums by the same artist. Do you intend to release more with them?

Maybe, he,he,he! It does'nt only depend of The Smoggers. Rogue Records will decide the best for him. We would like to have the second in the future but for now, this is our single on Rogue.

The single is currently sold for €10 + shipping on Bandcamp. What do you think of it?

I think it is very difficult to release records with the actual economic situation in the underground music. I'm sure that labels are not interested to put expensives prices but they haven't other option if they want to continue doing those nuggets.

What do you think is the state of the garage music industry at the moment, and have you noticed any changes since then?

I think that the underground music that We know is with one foot on the grave and the other very sick. Our generation is dying, step by step, little by little. No future!

Tell us about the way records are currently released. Do you have a contract for each release? Do you earn a percentage of sales? What about 2023?

The deals ínter labels and bands in the underground music is based in the confiance. The word of both parts is enought. Respect the deals with our labels, you know, we are  like Led Zeppelin,  we need a private jet, 100 towels and a castle in Ireland. Ha ha ha!

Do you have another release planned for the coming months?

For sure ! We have  just recorded a new album for Soundflat Records that will be put out in February of 2024. Also Chaputa Records will release an special single for The Smoggers to Spring of 2024. 

Do you plan to tour in France?

Yesss! I'm planning to do some gigs in 2024 in France and other European countries. I hope to have got news soon about this. Meanwhile I send regardings to all the French audience that loves The Smoggers and invite to support to Rogue Records buying our new amazing single !! Fuzz On !!!

Thank you very much Fernando !