DEATH WISHLIST interview "there are some people I would like to get under my car"

Jean-Jacques introduced us to this group with his Top Monsters selection (thanks!). We liked their music and were intrigued by their name.
So we asked Cosimo, their singer, a few questions.

How did you fall into the music you played in
Death Wishlist and your previous bands?

Leonardo was not happy with his band and met Jacopo who was not playing guitar since he left The Peawees, his previous band, they asked me to form a new band, I needed to return to compose again so I accepted their offer. In the previous 15 years I dedicate myself to tribute-bands (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne) and in 2023 I had enough of singing only covers.

Jacopo and Leonardo started the band, I followed, than Gianfilippo and Andrea joined.

Let's talk about those previous bands. Why do you think most bands don't last more than a few years? Well, most musicians end up in other bands made up of former members of other bands, so they still want to make music. Why did you leave your previous bands?

I had many bands where we wrote our songs, we changed names, musical-genre, sometime just to try something different, now I understand that was an error. The reason why most bands quit after few years are the expectations not acquired, or the "normal life" that takes away your time and resources. Playing with other musicians, or unite to another band is always stimulating artistically, but you risk losing the good things you did before.

Is garage-punk rock alive and well in Italy? What do you think are its most important current elements?

The scene in Italy is very rich in numbers of bands, just have a look at the magazines, Rumore and Blow-Up for example and every month you can find many new bands

Death Wishlist is a pretty extreme name for a band. Christian Death called one of their records Deathwish, but didn't go as far as you did. Tell us more about this name.

The meaning I give to this name is "the list of those I would like to see dead", it' s strong and we choose it because it hits and, yet it' s true that there are some people I would like to get under my car but I love my freedom so I do my best not to enter a jail.
I always been inspired in writing songs against those who cause me pain or problems, parents, false friends, teachers, Death Wishlist sound good and apply to my writing style.

What themes inspire your lyrics? Do you have a message to get across? Why so much anger?

I always had a strong sense of justice and a reject for religion so there are many situations we live today and in the past too, that gets me angry for.

If you had to describe your music, what references would you use?

Since the first days we decided to play a kind of Punk-Rock with high energy, good for a live concert, stuff that can entertain and make you move so a good model has been Michael Monroe, Backyard Babies...this kind of speed-up rock with singing melodies, nothing extreme or noisy, neither psych.

What do you consider your best song? Do you also have a favorite song (apart from those on the album) that you enjoy playing together?

We are very proud of "I Get Bored", has been a group-work and, maybe the first song the band completed, while working on other 3 songs, at the beginning of the band.
Other songs from other bands, we play live "Truth Hits Everybody" by The Police and it' s always a blast.

Talking about the label Area Pirata, how did you get in touch with them? Tell us about working with them.

Area Pirata Records it' s an underground label created by Jacopo Giannetti ( Death Wishlist guitarist and composer) and Tiziano Rimonti.
Jacopo played years ago with Peawees, italian band still doing very good today, he quitted Peawees years ago, he dedicated himself to his label and one years ago decided to return on stage, we formed Death Wishlist and reaching a full-lenght album of songs, has been natural to wanting to record them and to release them out on Area Pirata Records.
We have a contract with DisciplinePR too.

Do you do a lot of concerts? What inspires your stage performance (you know, who did you imitate in front of the mirror at one time
😉 ?

Posing has never been my style...we are just natural, I hate gimmicks or copying others, I like a band like Voivod that express their music without exaggerating.
We had around 30 gigs in a year but we are expecting to increase.

Have you noticed any musical changes in Italy since the last change of government?

No, nothing different, our politicians are not so influent on music, but on a couple of my lyrics yes, "I Hope You Die" is about an ex-minister who was very idiotic and useful for Big Pharma.

What are your future projects?

We want to play live the more we can, touring Europe would be a dream, we are working on this.
Still we are wrinting new songs to complete the live-set and to be ready for a new album, maybe in 2026.

Thank you Cosimo & Death Wishlist