RUMBLE SKUNK RECORDS - " There's no Greek garage punk scene actually!!!"

 One morning, we received an e-mail from Spiros inviting us to follow his Rumble Skunk label on Bandcamp. You know us, we wanted to know more!

How did you find out about the kind of music on your label?

Well, as a child, Ι was listening various & different music genres, from pop, rock and hits of that era, plus I've involved for a short time into heavy metal, thrash, black, power-speed-epic metal! Once upon a day I discovered The Ramones and my life changed!!! An enigmatic cassette with no track listing (that mysterious tape strike my side by accident), included songs of The Gun Club, The Sex Pistols, The Creeps, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Last Drive, The Cannibals, Thee Fourgiven, The Wylde Mammoths, The Children Of Darkness, Screaming Lord Sutch etc. 

I was very excited about this kind of music & I've started looking for records & fanzines, trading tapes & listening various cool radio-shows!! In the beginning I had no turntable, from time to time we met with various friends who had a turntable, and I was recording some of my vinyls on tapes!! My first turntable was a Silver, of course I can't remember the model, as well I don't remember what happened also to this vintage turntable? Have I sold it? I gave it away or I threw it at the trash can?! Who knows? Anyway... Back then we had lotsa fun with punk friends & heavy metal guys, hanging around, drinking beers, listening the cool stuff with teenage angst & attitude!! I remember my self wearing lots of black clothes & almost on a daily basis, a tight & ripped jean, as well as ripped Ramones-Mania T-shirt, plus burgundy Creepers!!! I was 16 years old then, but I can't find any photo!! Shit!!! Especially the Summer days, the fun was high & along with my pal Costas (a dedicated Dead Kennedys fan) we were hanging around, listening cool bands & drinking beers!! During also my teen years, I was also a "radio-producer" (for a short time), but after 2-3 radio shows they kicked us out of the radio-station, 'cause I was drinking beers & booze with a couple of friends & smoking inside the studio!! I was a bad boy and presenting a non-radio friendly air-play!! haha!!! I'm very happy that I discovered rock'n'roll when I was teenager!! My friends in school called me ''The Fly'' for years, after a funny & outta time ultra-drunk experience I had!!! A short story of ma teen-years full of carelessness, purity & innocence!!! Those were the days!!!

What motivated you to create a fanzine? Tell us a bit about this adventure.

My love for rock'n'roll!!! Whatever you do, you must do it with love, straight from your heart!! My fanzine-days were full of fun, I was pretty busy listening new releases, writing articles & reviews, setting up interviews, chatting with bands, labels, fans etc. I didn't have a clue about computers back then... My friend Alex (thanx man) gave me an ancient pc & he told me: C'mon Spiros, go ahead!! I started learning some stuff from scratch, typing on Word, learning Photoshop, plus 1-2 page making programs! Both issues designed under Corel Draw!!! Probably the pro-designers will find that thing really weird, but it's true! The first issue is written in Greek (a limited edition of 700 copies), the second is written in English & a little bit more professional!! I put out 1.300 copies & Ι have 2 copies left from each issue!!! Both fanzines including CD-R comps for your ultimate listening pleasure! Pretty hard work my friend to put out those 2 issues, 'cause i had no money back then & you know, without money you can't do anything at all! Anyway...

Why did you stop after two issues?

Well, the strongest motivation is the desire!! I stopped 'cause i didn't have the desire anymore!! Clearly the internet destroyed the fab world of fanzines! You can find everything you want surfing on the web!! Too late for tears, I guess?! Times they're a changing... 

What did the fanzine bring you?

A whole new world!!! Good & bad experiences of course, the world isn't perfect, don't you think? There are a lot various ''things'' (before & after) to put out a fanzine, you're not happy about & I don't wanna be part of them (rock'n'roll-romance is by my side & always will), but I’ve been taken the power & good vibes just from my mind'n'soul, as well from bands, labels, fanzines, fans out there to keep going on till I stopped!! Nothing's last forever!!! Find the real passionate rock'n'roll lovers while you can & everything's fine!! I don't need assholes, money-hunters & constant talkers or emotional vampires in my world!!! Life's short... 

Darren Merinuk was involved, how did you get involved? It must have been very motivating when he agreed to do it.

Yes, of course!! Darren Merinuk is a legendary guy & artist!!! He worked with various bands & labels all over the world such as Estrus Records, Screaming Apple, Misty Lane, Dionysus etc. His work is simply amazing!!! I've written him a letter outlining my first issue's contents! I was working on a short article of The Fun Things, one of my fave & iconic Australian bands!! Darren influenced by this fave Aussie band & he did a great Kamikaze-guy surfing in the air (Squaresville), along with a Japanese fighter plane!! I think that comic is influenced by The Fun Things' song ''Savage'' & maybe a flash came to his mind, from The Hoodoo Gurus' anthem ''I was A Kamikaze Pilot"!! I'm not sure, but it was something like that... I never met him in person, but he's a friend of mine! The world is small, maybe in the future, who knows...?! The cover of my 2nd issue designed by Wild Evel (The Staggers, Wild Evel & The Trashbones). He's a really cool guy & I had the chance to meet him in Italy, years ago, where The Staggers gigged!!! (I would like to thanx both once again!!!). Back then (what a nite'n'day) we had lots of fun chatting & dancing with Wild Evel & hanging around with various people such as: Gregg Kostelich & Michael Kastelic from The Cynics, Barbara (Get Hip), as well with my friend Giovanni of The Backdoor Society & Cyril Jordan of The Flamin' Groovies!!! One year earlier, I had the chance to meet in person the drummer Leanne Cowie, she was behind the skins with The Scientists & we had a quick chat after the soundcheck!!!


A CD accompanied the fanzine, and there were only previously unreleased tracks (even by
DEAD MOON!), so for a fanzine just starting out you were definitely very lucky. Tell us how the compilation came about. Was it this that made you want to set up your own label?

Probably you're right, but I guess that I'm not a lucky guy!!! I believe to myself, that's all! Dead Moon is also one of my fave bands & we were friends!!! The first time I met them in person was at Stage Club, here in Greece, when I did the interview for my 1st issue!!! It was an honor, talking with Fred, Toody & Andrew and without a doubt this is my best interview so far!! What a night!! I was totally drunk & outta time at the end of the gig!! Over the years we had cool chats & always had fun, hanging around, drinking shots when they've gigged in Greece!! Great & simple people!! Just take a look at Fred Cole's ''indie rock do's & dont's" & things will not be the same, a whole rock'n'roll philosophy! Nothing special, I've been in contact with the bands asking them 1 or 2 songs for my CD-compilations!! Some pretty cool stuff is also unreleased on vinyl & only available via Rumble Skunk-comps!! Well, i had 3 dreams, the 1st one was to form a band, the 2nd was to put out a fanzine & the 3rd, a cool label!! That's all!!

When did Rumble Skunk Records start?

Our label founded the summer of 2011!!! A pivotal chapter of my life was that I moved from my hometown, Nafpaktos to Athens. I met Elissavet, we are married now & we decided to put out our 1st vinyl release! Elissavet is also passionate with rock'n'roll (her fave artists is David Bowie, The Fall, The Cramps, The Birthday Party etc.) & I think she's more open minded than me!!! The only problem with her is that she likes stoner bands!!! haha!! (Just kidding)!! Anyway, the chief executive officer of course is me, doing the hard work, dealing, talking, packing & everything!! Our moto is ''All About Rock'n'Roll Science'', and our logo is Frankenstein!! Apart that Mary Shelley's great novel, that creature is kinda like rock'n'roll for me!! Μany & various pieces (influences) come together, ''various stitches'', weird surgeries and chemistry, a science, a weird puzzle lost in the vortex of time!!! The results? A great rock'n'roll band, a fab label, a splendid fanzine, that's it!! You'll get the picture, right?

Why this name ?

Rumble Skunk is not just a name, is an idea, a personal rock'n'roll starship!!! To understand some things, you must take an in-depth look to yourself and evaluate what you see!!! Music has no borders for me or limits, is an endless journey & this trip's never ending!!! My fanzine was an optical-sound drug!! Read, listen & learn!! I've picked the name of my fanzine/label from Link Wray's classic instro ''Rumble'', plus a fave song of MC5 - ''Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)'', included on their fab 3rd album ''High Time''!!! It's crystal clear I've been focus through various decades, the missing link, the bridge from the 50's-60's to 70's-80's-90's etc. I don't give a shit what other people believe about genres & decades (50's or 60's, or just 70's, only revival etc.)!! Everyone's relationship with music is a personal-individual matter, a creative expression, a superb journey that flirts with dark or bright paths, it is not necessary to create pleasant feelings, it can cause you unpleasant & disturbing feelings as well! So, there are no limits & borders in music for me!! We don't need musical dictators & 60's-police, just follow your heart!!! I will not spend my time with non-sense conversations like this with anybody!! Cut the crap fellas & open your mind!!!  

You haven't released many records yet, but the label has been around for a long time. Can you tell us about the difficulties a label faces?

That's true!! The label has been around for a long time, but fun is the key for us & we have no great expectations! The number of releases means nothing to me, no big deal!! When we'll have the money & the desire, we're gonna put out records, that's all!! Apart from my label, I’m trying involved with other various things such as: dj-ing (sometimes), organizing gigs, distributing & selling records etc. I was the mastermind/supervisor of "Diggin' Out Fest" here in Greece, supporting the Greek garage, punk rock & rock'n'roll scene! I quit it, but I’ll be back when things will be better!! Not forget to mention, The 1-2-5 from Netherlands, The Sonic Angels from France, plus Charm Bag from Spain gigged also here in Greece, years ago! We had lotsa fun!! Also, the past years I shared the decks with some good friends abroad, such as Dave Anderson from Rochester (The Projectiles), Daniel from Fuzz'n'Surf Records, James Baker (The Scientists, The Beasts Of Bourbon, Hoodoo Gurus etc.), Vasco (The Royal Hangmen) etc. 

The difficulties? Well, various ups'n'downs, like I said, the world isn't perfect!! One-track-mind people involved with music are a minus!!! Distribution is also a main problem & the worldwide market!!! Incredible high custom taxes, plus ultra expensive postage is a pain in our ass!!! haha!! Of course, things will not be the same, our planet started years ago to turn in a strange & weird orbit!!! Destination unknown...?!

Has your image of labels changed since you started this label?

Of course!!! If you see the things from the inside, you'll figure out what I mean!! You have to be careful, it's a fine thin line you should have to walk, so you don't get alienated!! Music industry is a job that sucks, just the names & deals are different!! You will face a new reality, sometimes is kind of like making a handful of dreams & receiving a mountain of disappointments!! Nothing has changed & nothing's the same for me, I am what I am, a rock'n'roll lover & I will remain!!!

Have you ever thought of stopping the label?

Nop! Actually, I believe that I'm not a label-owner, I have no illusions, misinterpreted perception & stupid egos like too many labels & people out there!!! Rock'n'Roll & my personal trip is my label and without music I have to pick up a revolver!!! haha!! In my world, there are no printing-deals, no real-contracts, no schedules on a regular basis and things are moving slowly!! Of course, my attitude is very ''professional'' 'cause I have respect to the bands & labels, supporting the right people and sometimes not the right people!!! But I will not spend my time over-thinking & doing a bizz-money-plan!! It's a hard life, that's life, that's me!!!

You're based in Greece. What's happening on the Greek garage-punk scene at the moment?

Yes, our label based in the suburbs of Athens! A Greek garage punk scene? There's no Greek garage punk scene actually!!! The true & original scene is a healthy community, gathering bands, several labels, fanzines, radio-shows, festivals, venues, bars, right? Outopia!!! Things used to be better years ago!! Well, some bands here & there, some fans here & there, various people, various opinions of course, plus lots of people are also a part of question mark cliques & everybody's happy!!! 

The garage scene in Athens is almost dead, sad but true!!! In Thessaloniki things are getting better and all the people know why, the ''scene'' is a little bit more united than Athens' scene! Where are the teen-bands playing garage punk & the real rock'n'roll, with the right on target influences? Some bands called themselves garage and play a boring stoner-rock or an indie-alternative-grungy mash of rock!!! Really? What a world!!! A sure thing is that something's going wrong! Let's talk about support & solidarity? The majority of people supporting the events, gigs, releases, bands etc. behind their screen (likes, hearts, smiling faces), as well fans teleported at various events (like in Star Trek), but we can't see even their hologram!!! Support from the comfort of their room!!! haha!! This is the worldwide harsh & cyber-weirdo reality & not only Greek phenomenon!! Another sad story!! Next question please... 

Are you in contact with the main Greek bands and labels?

Of course, most of them they know me & I know them! Apart 1-2 labels, plus 2-3 bands, I don't have any close relationships with other bands & labels so far... The Hydes split up years ago, but they are close friends of mine, even if we are living in different cities/countries!!!

What do you think of other Greek labels?

Some record-labels & label-owners are cool, of course you'll find a few assholes, liars & crooks (too much monkey business is out there), as well a few good guys that running their label with romance & love!! If you want to make a living & get money from your label or your band, you have to be ''smart'' with the biz-side & the music industry!!! You know there's a war out there... Believe it or not!!! You can do whatever your want with your label & your life and of course you'll get what you deserve! Simple things!!!

Are there still any garage fanzines in Greece, and how does information circulate?

Nop!!! Surfing on the internet the good & bad news travels fast!!! You'll get information from another dimension, plus the wrong from right!!! Sometimes I wonder where have all the good times gone? Anyway...

Can you tell us what led you to release
Hydes and Lords Of Gravity records? Why them and not other bands? What are the criteria for a band to release a record on your label?

Our 1st release on vinyl was the mindblowing LP of Lords Of Gravity - "The Curse Of Icarus"!!! Back then, we had lots of cool chats with the bass-player, Ian Wettenhall (ex-Philisteins, ex-Freeloaders, ex-GOD, The Stoneage Hearts etc.), plus with Off The Hip's boss, Mickster Batty! 

Mick was behind the skins with The Crusaders, The Pyramidiacs, The Finkers etc. So, we've decided to put it out & I was very happy & excited about it! The album was amazing but ignored almost totally from the Greek market!! I don't know why?! Probably the Greek garage-heads they prefer supporting the 60's bands, as well the local bands!? But I got ultra positive feedback from the worldwide garage scene!! Now, ''The Curse Of Icarus'' is officially sold out (only 2 copies left)!!! Unfortunately, the band split up when the LP came out!! We had plans to bring Lords Of Gravity in Greece for a short Greek-tour & a coupla European gigs, but our plans postponed!! After seven years we've decided to put out another vinyl album by our friends, The Hydes!! "Self Preservation Instinct Zero'' came out in 2019 & I believe that is a real masterpiece!! Not forget to mention that we did a collaboration with Ultra Productions (Bob Urh's label), of Bob Urh And The Barebones - "Hypnowheel" 7'', including an original song titled "Boom Boom A Zoom Zoom, plus a haunted cover of Hank Williams' "Ramblin' Man"!! Only 50 copies saw the light of day with cover! Unfortunately, Bob passed away two years ago. He was a cool friend, a true believer, a great musician, a unique personality, a selfless guy!!!

What are your favourite current garage/punk bands?

Difficult question, too many bands my friend, I really like The Satelliters, The Thanes, The Incredible Staggers, The Allyrgic Reaction, The Loons, The Omens etc.  I really also dig the Guerilla Teens, Ravagers, The Speedways, The Reflectors, The Whiffs, Uni Boys etc. The list is long & goes on, i can talk for hours... By the way, it’s really boring listening new garage bands that covered the same & the same songs from the 60's (''Night Of The Phantom'', ''Strychnine'', ''99th Floor'', "Gloria" etc.)!!! It's 2024, put a little bit fantasy in your life/band, there's so much killer & obscure stuff out there... I reckon, keep the classics for your gigs, not for your albums!! Some of the best covers I've heard & I'm really impressed is The Satelliters' cover of "2+2=?" (The Bob Seger System), The Finkers' version of "The Radio Song" (Dillard & Clark), The Rookies' cover of "Can't Ebenezer See My Mind" (The Klubs) & The Bad Beats version of ''Waiting Around To Die", a tremendous song of Townes Van Zandt!!! I hate also the shitty productions, what's the point a band recording a lo-fi album full of treble, trashy-drums from the basement & sewer-vocals? Some people loved that, not me for sure!!! Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as The Electric Eels, The Mummies or Billy Childish's records!!! haha!!!

What are your favourite records of all time?

Wow!!! Pretty hard to answer this question... Well, various stuff from the 50's & 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's till now!! I'll try listing a dozen, with no particular order & ranking... Link Wray - "Early Recordings", Porter Waggoner - "What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen", Bo Diddley - "S/T", Gene Vincent - "S/T", Dick Dale - "At The Drags", The Rolling Stones - ''Out Of Our Heads'', The Beatles - "Rubber Soul", The Kinks - "S/T", The Who - "My Generation", The 13th Floor Elevators - ''The Psychedelic Sounds Of...", Gandalf - "S/T", The Standells - "Dirty Water", The Wailers - "Out Of Our Tree", The Trashmen - "Surfin' Bird", Q65 - "Revolution", The Sonics - "Here Are..." & "Boom", The Velvet Underground & Nico - "S/T", The Remains - ''S/T", C.A. Quintet - "Trip Thru Hell", The Human Beinz - "Nobody But Me", The Artwoods - "100 Oxford Street", The Bachs - "Out Of...", The Boots - "Here Are The Boots", The Ugly Ducklings - "Somewhere Outside", The Matadors - "S/T", The Baroques - "S/T", Them - "The 'Angry' Young Them!", The Music Machine - "Turn On...", Count V - "Psychotic Reaction", The Edgar Broughton Band - "S/T", Ultimate Spinach - "S/T", New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - ''Reflections'', The Chocolate Watch Band - "No Way Out", The Electric Prunes - "S/T", Hunger - "Stricly From Hunger", Zakary Thaks - "Form The Habit", The Missing Links - "S/T", The Seeds - "S/T",  Clap - "Have You Reached Yet?", Namelosers - "Fabulous Sounds From Southern Sweden", David Peel & The Lower East Side - "The American Revolution", The Outsiders - "S/T", Stooges - "S/T" & "Funhouse", MC5 - "Kick Out The Jams", The Bob Seger System - "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man", Screaming Lord Sutch - "Rock & Horror", Real Kids - "S/T", New York Dolls - "S/T" & "In Too Much Too Soon", The Heartbreakers - "L.A.M.F.", DMZ - "Relics", Wipers - "Over The Edge", Giant Sand - "Valley Of Rain", Naked Prey - "Under The Blue Marlin", Physicals - "Skulduggery", Droogs - "Stone Cold World", The Dream Syndicate - "The Days Of Wine Of Roses", The Celibate Rifles - "Roman Beach Party", The Barracudas - "The Garbage Dump Tapes", Green On Red - "S/T", The Flamin' Groovies - "Teenage Head", The Records - "Shades In Bed", T-Rex - "The Slider", The Modern Lovers - "S/T", David Bowie - "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars", The Beat - "S/T", The Damned - "Neat Neat Neat", The Gun Club - "The Fire of Love", The Stiff Little Fingers - "Inflammable Material", The Saints - "Eternally Yours", Radio Birdman - "Radios Appear", The Only Ones - "S/T", The Eastern Dark - "Long Live The New Flesh!", The Zeros - "Don't Push Me Around (Rare & Unreleased Classics From '77)", The New Christs - "Distemper", The Haskels - "Taking The City By Storm", The Sex Pistols - "Never Mind The Bollocks Here's...", The Ramones - "S/T", The Bo-Weevils - "The Vortex Took Them", The Creeps - "Enjoy...", The Vietnam Veterans - "On The Right Track Now", The Thanes - "Thanes Of Cawdor", The Hoods - "Gangsters & Morticians", Dark Cellars - "Heavy Syrup", The Morticians - "Freak Out With...", The Miracle Workers - "Inside Out", Roky Erickson - "Don't Slander Me", The Last Drive - "Underworld Shakedown", The Beasts Of Bourbon - "The Axeman's Jazz", The Dubrovniks - "Dubrovnik Blues", The Lime Spiders - "The Cave Comes Alive, The Screaming Tribesmen - "Bones + Flowers, The Cannibals - "Trash For Cash", The Double Naught Spies - "Going Nowhere With...", Thee Fourgiven - "Testify!", The Things - "Coloured Heaven", Hoodoo Gurus - "Stoneage Romeos", The Feelies - "Crazy Rhythms",  Yard Trauma - "Must've Been Something I Took Last Night", The Primates - "We Are...", The Crimson Shadows - "Hangin' Out!", The Prisoners - "A Taste OF Pink", The Philisteins - "Bloody Convicts", The Gruesomes - "Tyrants Of Teen Trash", Lyres - "On Fyre" & "Lyres Lyres", The Cheepskates - "Run Better Run", The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - "Welcome To The Infant Freebase", Smell Of Incense - "All Mimsy Were The Borogoves", Tav Falco's Panther Burns - "Behind The Magnolia Curtain", The Burnin' Rain - "Iwaska", Sunnyboys - "Days Are Gone", The Sting-Rays - "Cryptic And Coffee Time", The Undertakers - "13 Savage Garage-Punk Rippers", The Mortals - "Ritual Dimension Of Sound", The 3-D Invisibles - "Jump Off The Screen", The Cramps - ''Songs The Lord Taught Us'', The Tell-Tale Hearts - "S/T", The Fuzztones - "Lysergic Emanations", The Mystreated - "Lovely Sunday Dreaming", The Pandoras - "It's About Time", 1313 Mockingbird Lane - "Have Hearse Will Travel", The Brood - "Vendetta!", The Cynics - "Rock'n'Roll", Dead Moon - "In The Graveyeard" & "Unknown Passage", The Chesterfield Kings - "Stop!", The Others - "Lost In Time", The Loons - "Red Dissolving Rays Of Light", The Spoons - "Web Of Fuzz", Baby Woodrose - "Blows Your Mind", The Ghastly Ones - "A-Haunting We Will Go-Go", The Mono Men - "Wrecker!", The Strollers - "Falling Right Down!", The Staggers - "Teenage Trash Insanity", Man Or Astroman? - ''Destroy All Astromen'', The Marked Men - "Fix My Brain", Freeloaders - "Through The Sound Barrier", The Exploding Hearts - "Guitar Romantic", Les Grys-Grys - "S/T" & many-many more, the list is long... I really dig comps like Pebbles, Back From The Grave, Teenage Shutdown, Psychedelic Unknowns, Highs In The Mid 60's, Sin Alley, Mayhem & Psychosis, At The Club, Fuzz, Flakes & Shakes, Garage Punk Unknowns, Diggin' Out, The Chosen Few, Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks, The V-Lips - Greatest Hits, Rubble, Shutdown '66, Mindblowing Encounters Of The Purple Kind, Beyond The Calico Wall, Destination Frantic, Prae Kraut Pandaemonium, Battle Of The Garages, Declaration Of Fuzz, Sounds Of Now!, The Rebel Kind, Positively Elizabeth Street, Beasts From The East, An Oasis In A Desert Of Noise, The Whiplash Tapes, The Train To Disaster, Tales From The Boot etc. 

I have also on my collection some cool, rare & killer 45's, actually the 7" vinyl is not my cup of tea (I've sold all my 60's originals & repros years ago with no regrets). I kept only The Third Bardo - "Lose Your Mind" 7" EP, a reissue on Sundazed due sentimental reasons!!! Rarities'n'Vanities!!! Overall, collecting records has the positive & the negative side, is kind of like a "virus", a "germ" (sometimes)!! Υou become a self-centered, obsessive, single-minded, a vinyl-weirdo-junkie and a jerk, you concentrate your enjoyment into the object (cover-wear, seam splits, bent corners, scratches, ticks, clicks, scuffs, skips etc.) & you leave out the enjoyment of the music!!! A large percentage of collectors are self-absorbed persons, full of obsessions & neuroses!! Sad but true!!! Discogs & the web have also their plus & minus!! Discogs almost destroyed the real record-hunting, the surprise, when almost & everything is available, nothing is special!!! You're just a click away... Everybody can sell now via Discogs or Ebay & too many people they don't love music, they are just cartel-mafia of music!!! An album is a piece of creativity, an art, it's a deposit of soul, not underpants & jerseys!!! haha!! Take a look what's up at various vinyl bazaars! Money talks!!! Miserable things!!! Pittifully!!!

What was the first record you ever bought/stole?

Oh man, I can't remember what my first record was I ever bought, probably an album of the Pet Shop Boys (my fave band during my childhood)!! I was 12 years old?! A mind-gap!! But I remember the first record I stole, actually I didn't stole the album, I borrowed it!!! haha!! It was Fapardokly's ''S/T" album, a 1986 reissue on 5 Hours Back Records, original came out in 1968! I still have it on my collection, an essential album, including the masterpiece ''Tomorrow's Girl''!!! Merell Fankhauser was a genius, in case you don't know, check also ''Things!'' by Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty!!! A splendid album!!!

What are your next releases?

By the way, we had plans to put out 3-4 albums the past years, but our plans failed though!! They were two bands from Greece, one band from Australia, as well a collaboration with two Spanish labels for an album by a Spanish garage band, but nothing happened! Actually, we have some plans for some releases & we'll be back in action, hopefully soon... Of course, time & money will tell...?! I would like also to thanx all the Greek guys'n'gals (you know who you are) & my worldwide fans for their continue support all these years!! Stay tuned & check also our Bandcamp-page: 

Merci Spiros & Elissavet