Not many people know this, but Rudi Protrudi of the Fuzztones published a fanzine in the 1970s. And he was not short of ideas!

What do you think about the funny interview with the Cramps (favourite colour, etc) by your sister. It appeared in the zine "Flash In The Pan" (# 1, May 1979) ?

Flash In The Pan was a fanzine I put out in the ‘70s. I believe the Cramps slam book was in the first issue - the one that featured an article I wrote called “Does Mick Jagger Suck Cock?” I got the idea from when I was in Jr. High. We used to make up these questionnaires in notebooks and pass them around when the teacher wasn’t looking. We’d have all the same kind of questions in it that were in the Cramps one, starting with innocuous stuff like “favorite color,” and eventually graduating to “What do you think of So-and-So”…. I made the slam book regular feature in the ‘zine, later having Lydia Lunch do one, as well as the Slickee Boys, but the Cramps one was, by far, the funniest. And it was the original band as well: Lux, Ivy, Bryan and Nick.

Who was (and is) the biggest Cramps fan, between you and your sister?

Well, I always dug the Cramps, but my sister was OBSESSED with them. She even used to make clothes for Bryan and slept with both Bryan and Nick.

In what context did your sister get the idea for this interview?

It was my idea, as I mentioned before. My sister and Deb did the interview though. 
I probably was busy at the time, either doing band business or working on finishing that particular edition of the fanzine.

Merci Rudi Protrudi

interview conducted in December 2022

Un grand merci à Patrick Bainée et Rudi Protrudi